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HRCC will be displaying 4 cars and have club members on the ground talking up the benefits of joining the only Queensland Car Club specifically catering for the Historic Racing Car community. The expo has been organised by CAMS Queensland and is specifically aimed at providing an opportunity for car clubs to collectively promote their respective clubs activities with the aim of attracting new members. There will be 23 other car clubs represented at the expo.
HRCC will be at the 2018 QUEENSLAND MOTOR SPORT EXPO to be held at the Performance Driving Centre, Norwell on 25th Feb 2018.
Baskerville Historics - Tasmania puts on a great historic event
The Hobart Sporting Car Club in conjunction with the MG Car Club of Tasmania held its annual Baskerville Historics meeting at the superb Baskerville race track just outside of Hobart on 22nd to 24th September.  A strong entry of around 200 cars and 60 bikes included many from the mainland. The extended weekend had 60 events scheduled for the recently refurbished track that included the track being completely resurfaced as well as building upgrades.  On hand also were many past race stars including Allan Moffat and John Harvey with the famous Spa 24hr winning Commodore.  A number of HRCC members travelled across Bass Straight to be part of the big weekend.  This event enjoys great success and has got bigger each year.  Plans are already in place to make the 2018 Baskerville Historics bigger and better.
Photo: Bruce Thomas Engine Sealing Compulsory for all Group N and S cars as of 1st January 2018 Are you aware that all competitors in Group N & S events held after 1st January 2018 will be required to have your engine sealed by a CAMS Approved engine sealer?  This is a CAMS requirement, not a club requirement, in response to Competitors’ requests to keep competition fair to all.  Sealing involves measuring the bore and stroke to confirm your engine capacity is within the class rules, then applying a wire and seal through a pair of sump bolts or engine block /sump flanges. This should be done when the engine is pulled down during its next rebuild. An engine can also be sealed prior to a re fresh or rebuild on the proviso that at the next rebuild the seal is removed by a CAMS Historic Eligibility Officer (HEO) who will then measure the bore and stroke. In the case of the engine being rebuilt or even the head removed the sealer can check the bore and stroke of your engine and apply seals to the sump after the measurements have been taken. Normal component sealing for Rotarys or component substitution parts that already require sealing  will not be affected by this additional requirement.  Once an engine has been checked then the competitor will be issued with a CAMS formal sealing document that is to be retained and must accompany the vehicle’s logbook and be presented at race meetings if requested by the Historic Eligibility Officers.  Peter Herlihen will be available to measure and seal your engine by arrangement. He would ask that at least two sump bolts on each side of the engine block be drilled with at least a 2mm hole to accommodate the sealing wire. If the sump flange is able to be drilled then this would be preferable, again on either side of the sump. No CAMS fee is set for the sealer’s time but it would be appreciated if a monetary donation was made to the sealer to cover any out of pocket expenses that he may incur during the process.  Seals and seal wire etc. will be the responsibility of the engine sealer to supply.  Peter can be contacted on 0438886053 for further details and any questions you may have.  For Groups N and S, since there are so many engines and so few authorised to measure and seal, it has been agreed that the seal will do for now, then when the engine needs work the seal can only be removed by an authorised sealer and the measuring done then. If found to be outside the rules, all competition results since the engine was sealed will then be void. After the work is completed, but before the head is fitted, the engine must be measured again and sealed. Peter will seal engines at Morgan Park on TTT day(Feb 17), not Sprint day. He will seal engines at Wednesday practice days at MPR, if given prior notice. Mob 0414 474 408. HRCC will bring Peter to Brisbane one Saturday for sealing at John Tupicoff’s Workshop 4/ 1472 Boundary Rd Wacol, date TBA, probably Feb 3. We have a hoist if necessary, but we suggest, to save time on the day you pre-drill holes in an accessible place and if possible, accessible while on your trailer, saves you unloading. There is plenty of turnaround room on the site and all concrete paved.  Engine Sealing Now Compulsory
HRCC Celebrates
Awards Presentation and Christmas Dinner A large group of HRCC members and friends celebrated the 2017 year end with award presentations and a Christmas dinner at the Moreton Bay Sports Club on the 9th Dec.  Club president, Alan Steel, welcomed everyone to the special night and MC, Graeme Wakefield, kept the night moving along with his sharp wit.  Awards were presented to winners of all the historic categories as well as 3 significant trophies. The Ivan Tighe Trophy was presented to Antionette Redhead for Sports Cars, Hill Climbs and Sprints. The inaugural Don Thallon Trophy for Group N Touring Cars was won by Ian Mewitt The Club Champion for 2017 was a surprised Alan Don. List of all award winners here…….. Following presentation of trophies was guest speaker Mark Trenoweth who gave an enjoyable rundown of his 50 year involvement in motorsport and many of the cars he has driven.  Tales of his passion for racing, lack of funds and securing sponsorship was very entertaining. Of great interest was his involvement with John McCormack in developing his XJS Jaguar Sports Sedan and also the acquisition and restoration of the ex McCormack Repco Charger Sports Sedan. The next event that the club will participate in is the 2018 Queensland Motor Sport Expo to be held at the Performance Driving Centre, Norwell on 25th Feb.
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Don Thallon Cup - 2018 Pointscoring Race Meetings
New Licence Regulations 1st Jan 2018
Changes for 2018 - In addition to applicants currently holding a National Circuit (NC) Licence, a HPL Endorsement will now be required for the following high performance 5th Category Historic vehicles - FIA Formula One and Indy Cars (all) F5000 (all) Additionally, a National Circuit licence will be the minimum requirement for the following 5th Category Historic vehicle Groups - Groups Q and R FIA 2L Formula Two (2000cc) Group R Formula 3000/Formula Holden (all) Groups Q and R Sports over 2 Litre engine capacity FIA prototypes Group C1 and C2 Sports (all) NOTE: International C/CH licence holders still require the endorsement to compete nationally. For more detail please follow these links -
Formula Junior 60th Anniversary and more……  HSRCA commence their 2018 NSW historic racing season with the Autumn Festival, to be held at Wakefield Park over the 7th & 8th of April, with private practice offered on the 6th.  Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Formula Junior, welcoming the BMW E30 group to HSRCA meetings and much, much more!  Entry is opening soon. HSRCA Autumn Festival 2018 - 7th & 8th April