Big Banger Sports Cars competing at Autumn Historic Warwick.
Entered in the 2019 Autumn Historic Race meeting are 2 historically significant big banger sports cars which will add noise and sheer spectacle to the Morgan Park atmosphere.
1974 Elfin MS7 Repco V8 Elfin constructor Garrie Cooper built the MS7 with the purpose of winning the Australian Sports Car Championship. His design took components from his highly successful MR6 F5000 and fitted a body design heavily influenced by the high downforce Porche 917/10 racer. The MS7 was immediately successful and came equal second with Lionel Ayres in the four round 1974 Australian Championship before winning the single round championship in 1975. It has changed hands several times since then and has been very successful in the hands of others.     Image by Ian Welsh 1966 Elfin 400 Ford Cobra V8 Only four Elfin 400’s were built and the car coming to Morgan Park was the car that entered construction first for Globe Products owner Dick Bassett however, it was not the first completed though. The late Frank Matich placed an order for a 400 and then arranged to get his out of the Elfin factory first. The Matich Elfin 400 to be powered by a lightweight Traco Oldsmobile V8. Bassett’s car was powered by a 5.0Lt Ford Cobra, with plans for Globe to develop the Ford V8 into a quad cam engine. Subsequent rule changes for the then sports car category put paid to the development of the quad cam engine and the car was sold on. It spent much of it’s racing history in Tasmania with a rebuild needed following a major accident. At the time of rebuild at the Elfin factory, it received a new nose cone as part of updates. The original nosecone had been incorrectly diagnosed as causing dangerous lift at speed. The lift was later diagnosed as air damming up in the wheel wells and was solved by adding venting slots in the guards.  The current owner/driver, Mark Goldsmith acquired the car in 2014 and has taken considerable time and care to rebuild it back to the original configuration, including the paint scheme.   Image by Ian Welsh