With only 3 days till the "Official" Close of Entries", the event organising committee has decided to extend the time in which you can get your entries in. This is great news for those who were rushing to get cars prepared but DON'T DELAY!  Some who are receiving this email have already entered but, those people, tell you mates about how great time you have at "The Hill".  ACT NOW so we know you are keen to be a part of this iconic event. As per previous events, there are 2 types of competition available.  For those who get a thrill from going as fast as possible, we have the Speed test with the fastest times being taken as the winners.  Don't think you have a chance?  Many people who run this discipline compete against themselves!  The thrill of the PB, bring them back for more! Regularity is for the competitor who prides themselves on being consistent.  Each driver nominates a time they think they will do on each pass and then try to match it.  No outside aids are allowed, it's all down to the skill of the driver. Friday June 7th the event will start with gates being opened from 9:00am for competitors to set up.  Document check and scrutiny will commence from approx 10:00am.  Can't make Friday?  That's fine, document check kicks off again Saturday morning so we can still get you on the track. NOTE:  The entry road is a public road and it is an offence to drive a non- registered vehicle in that area.  Failing to abide by this instruction shall see the offending person have their entry revoked. Friday will also see a Street Parade of road registered competition cars through Hastings Street from approx 3:30pm.  Email Bruce Anderson for more details.  This is a great opportunity to showcase the event and display the cars. Friday night, following the Street Parade, the event Meet and Greet will be held at the Land and Sea Brewery.  All competitors, officials and their families are welcome to join us for some great food and beverages.  Booking not required. Saturday 8th will see Document Check continuing from 7:00am with a Compulsory Briefing for ALL Drivers at 8:00am.  On track activities will commence at approximately 8:30am. Sunday 9th racing will resume from 8:30am and will continue to approx 3:00pm. Timing. The Noosa Hill Climb has returned to using a light beam configuration.  Since last November the team has been working hard to ensure all the components are new, so we are expecting a trouble free event.  We have also invested in bringing the Australian distributor for the timing system up from Melbourne to assist in all aspects of the weekend. Preliminary testing last weekend has seen excellent results. Results: The Race Committee have reviewed the way in which the results are to be determined for the 2019 Winter event.  It has been decided, the driver with fastest time of the weekend will be the winner for each class and overall. provided that driver has participated in 1 run each day. Working Bees - Gyndier Dve, Tewantin Saturday 25 May  8:30am  Track Preparation…bring rake, brush cutter etc. Thursday 6 June   8:30am  Track setup Monday 10 June   8:30am  Track pulldown All volunteers and officials will go in a draw for, a $250 Ultratune service and  Waterfront Apartments, (Noosa) 2 nights off season, accommodation package. Entry is via the CAMS Member Portal or, for those without computers, please contact me for a paper form.  Be sure to read the Supplementary Regulations for the Meeting for more information. For further information please contact me. Hope to see you all at "The Hill"! Mark Stockwell Secretary of the Meeting Mob: 0414 407 490 Email: mark@4orceracing.com.au PLEASE NOTE: ALL QLD REGISTERED CARS MUST OBTAIN A COMPULSORY THIRD PARTY EXTENSION FROM YOUR CTP INSURER,  Failing to do so will see you unable to compete.  This is a state government law NOT that of CAMS.
Noosa Hillclimb - Winter   8th & 9th June Competitor Entry Date Extended