2017 HISTORIC QUEENSLAND / CLASS PLACINGS HISTORIC TOURING CARS GROUP PLACENODRIVER CAR COLOUR Group Nb185Matt Russell Morris Cooper S White/Maroon 2155Santo DiCarlo Morris Cooper S White/Black 349Peter Walsh Morris Cooper S Grey/Red Group Nc184Graham Russell Morris Cooper S Yellow 0-2000cc229Norm Singleton Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Green/Red 344Lisle Neuman Datsun 1600 White Group Nc196Bill Attard Mazda RX2 Yellow 2001cc-Over250Graeme Wakefield Falcon XW GTHO Ph II Polar White 395Matt Clift Mazda RX2 Honey Beige HISTORIC SPORTS SEDANS Group U126Adam Duce Clubman GT Green 231Fred Sayers Clubman GT Red/White/Blue Invited 166Garry Ford Ford Escort Mk I Blue/Red 218Aaron Hodges Ford Sierra Cosworth Red 335John McKeon Datsun 240Z Red/Yellow HISTORIC PRODUCTION SPORTS CARS Group Sb126Geoffrey Byrne Triumph TR6 Green 243Donald Bartley Austin Healey Sprite  Blue 36Andrew Gamblen Fiat 124 AC Blue Group Sc1911Douglas Barbour Porsche 911 Carrera Blue 260Michael Byrne Lotus 7 S4 Red 311Greg Horwill Porsche 911 Carrera White Group T 1116Barry Campbell Bolwell Mk 7 Red 277Roy Davis Triumph GT6 Blue/White HISTORIC SPORTS AND RACING CARS Group Lb1128Les Wright Dalro Jaguar Green 264Richard Willis Nota Major Red 317Warwick McBean Lotus 60-61 Green  HISTORIC RACING CARS Group Fa161Gregory Bray Lotus 61 Red/White 272Chris Fry Birrana F72 Yellow 351Len Don Bowin P6F Green Group Fb110Geoffrey Walters Elwyn 003/1 Green Group Fc17Cameron Walters Van Dieman RF86 Yellow 277Holly Espray Van dieman RF88 Black Group M163Noel Bryan Renmax BN1 FJ Blue 216David Reid Cooper T59 FJ Blue 35Paul Armstrong Nalla Holden Special Blue Group O196Dale Harvey Proton F2 Green Group P 12Dean Tighe Brabham BT236 Blue Group Q173Robert Foster March 73B Blue Group R 136Chris Farrell Ralt RT4 Blue/Silver 213William Norman Ralt RT4 Red Group V138Geoffrey Stone Elfin NG Red 228Graeme Clark Nimbus Red 315Doug Angus Elfin NG White HISTORIC SPORTS CARS Group O172Scott Whittaker Milano GT2 Black/Gold Group Q14Ian Ross Osella PA5 Red Group R 114Keith Carling Tiga Sports SC-84 Sports 2000Yellow 228Bruce Taylor Tiga SC81 Sports 2000 Red 334Ron Hay Lola T590 Sport 2000 Red 2017 HISTORIC QUEENSLAND / REGULARITY TRIAL RESULTS Group 1 (Touring Cars) Points Lost Overall 1 Ray Law 1965 Ford Mustang 110 2 Greg Elliott 1974 Ford Escort Mk 1 136 3 Rodney Pugh 1965 Ford Cortina GT 136 Group 2 (Racing & Sports Cars) 1 Darryl Meehan 1966 Lotus Elan S3 142 2 Clive Huebler 1989 Mazda MX5 204 3 Peter Bennett 1984 Porsche 911 CRS 227 2017 HISTORIC QUEENSLAND / FEATURE TROPHY RACES MINI CELEBRATION TROPHY  PLACENODRIVER CAR COLOUR 185Matt Russell Morris Cooper S White/Maroon 284Graham Russell Morris Cooper S Yellow 362Chris Collett Morris Cooper S Yellow/White JACK LACEY TROPHY For Group N Touring Cars 196Bill Attard Mazda RX2 Yellow 28Grant Wilson Chev Camaro Yellow 350Graeme Wakefield Falcon XW GTHO Ph II Polar White HRCC TROPHY For Racing Cars 136Chris Farrell Ralt RT4 Blue/Silver 213William Norman Ralt RT4 Red 32Dean Tighe Brabham BT236 Blue QUEENSLAND TOURIST TROPHY For Sports Cars 14Ian Ross Osella PA5 Red 214Keith Carling Tiga Sports SC-84 Sports 2000Yellow 334Ron Hay Lola T590 Sport 2000 Red LIONEL AYERS TROPHY For Group O 1966-69 Sports Cars WINNER23Peter Boel Lotus 23B Flintsone Spl Red FRED SAYERS TROPHY for Group U Sports Sedans WINNER8Mark Trenoweth Jaguar XJS Red/Blue/White JOHN McCORMACK TROPHY -an Historic Sports Sedans Series WINNER26Adam Duce Mini Clubman GT Green
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