FHR 2020 deadline approaching CAMS members are reminded of the impending changes to Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) with the new rules to come into effect from 1 January 2020. Over the past few years, changes to mandate the use of FHR have been filtered through across the different levels and disciplines of motor sport with the use of FHR providing a significant improvement to the safety of those participating in the sport, especially in the instance of a forward impact incident. Rally/Road As of 1 January 2020 the mandatory use of FHR will apply to Club level events. This will see that the use of FHR is now aligned across all levels of the Rally/Road discipline in accordance with the CAMS Manual Schedule D – Apparel, where noted. Speed As of 1 January 2020 the mandatory use of FHR will be implemented for Speed events. This use of FHR will come into effect for anyone competing in a 1st Category vehicle, or a vehicle with a CAMS logbook which applies a Race, Rally/Road, Off Road or 5th Category classification, save for those exemptions applied in the CAMS Manual Schedule D - Apparel. The following is the regulatory wording that will apply in the CAMS Manual Schedule D – Apparel: A FHR compliant with Standard A and a Helmet compliant with Standard A must be worn when competing in: Each 1st Category (single seater) automobile, except for: o a Superkart; ora 5th Category automobile which is exempt from the use of a FHR. Each automobile the subject of a CAMS Log Book which applies a RACE, RALLY/ROAD, OFF ROAD or 5th CATEGORY classification that requires the mandatory use of a FHR. The use of a FHR is not required for a Road Registered automobile for a SPEED Event, except where Article (b) above is applicable. Click here for more information about Frontal Head Restraints.
Licence Endorsement For High Performance 5th Category Vehicles The introduction of the HPL Endorsement has already addressed competitor safety whilst mitigating the risk posed by inexperienced competitors in high performance vehicles to CAMS being open to a challenge if a serious incident were to occur. The Australian Historic Motor Racing Commission (AHMSC) have now approved and extension to the High Performance Licence Endorsement that will seek to further address this risk. Currently, for applicants holding a National Circuit (NC) Licence, a HPL Endorsement is required for the following high performance 5th Category Historic vehicles: FIA Formula One and Indy Cars (all); F5000 (all). In acknowledging the FIA’s edict, the AHMSC have mandated that the following 5th Category Vehicles will require a NC or CC Licence with the addition of a High Performance Licence Endorsement as of 1/1/2020: Groups O, P, Q and R Sports over 3 litres engine capacity; FIA Prototypes Groups C1 and C2 Sports (all). Application Process In addition to holding a National Circuit licence, a HPL Endorsement Observed Licence Test must be conducted in the relevant vehicle, followed by a final endorsement approval by the CAMS HPL Endorsement Evaluation Panel. Application forms for an HPL Endorsement are available online at CAMS – Click Here
Motorsport Australia changeover nears With 2020 fast approaching, the rebrand to Motorsport Australia is also nearly here. As announced at this year’s Bathurst 1000, CAMS will change its trading name to Motorsport Australia as of 1 January 2020. This change brings the organisation into line with many other peak sporting bodies and will help further improve motorsport’s standing in Australia to a new audience, highlighting our work to governments and corporate partners around the country. The role of the organisation has significantly changed in recent years. No longer does CAMS just issue licences and organise officials. Like all governing bodies in 2019, there many varied roles across all disciplines and are responsible for running a number of events and Championships, like the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships, the Motorsport Australia Rally Championship and the Motorsport Australia Off Road Championship to name just three. More information about the changeover can be read here, which includes information about how this change will impact you. Some of the key things about this change include: The website address will change to motorsport.org.au – however if you visit cams.com.au after 1 January, you will automatically be redirected to the new site You do not need a new licence issued on 1 January, as your licence expires in 2020, you will receive a new Motorsport Australia branded licence upon renewal Logbooks remain current and do also not need to be replaced, stickers will be available to cover the existing CAMS logo with Motorsport Australia branding Any insurance cover issued through CAMS into 2020 also remains current and automatically carries over to Motorsport Australia on 1 January There are many forms and documents in motorsport, and while the majority will be updated in time for 1 January, there may be some older documents that will not be updated as of 1 January – these of course will still be accepted when submitted to Motorsport Australia We understand that the CAMS logo may remain on existing signage in early 2020, as this is a transition period we will work with affiliated clubs and venues to ensure these are changed as necessary in the new year. Please contact your local office for copies of the logo as required Meanwhile, Motorsport Australia House, the new national office in Canterbury which also features a physical home for the Australian Motor Sport Hall of Fame, was recently opened following the sale of the organisation’s old Malvern East headquarters. The storied history of CAMS will certainly not be forgotten in this changeover, with this history a key part of everything Motorsport Australia will be about in 2020 and beyond. This includes the new Motorsport Australia logo which has utilised part of the CAMS branding as a tribute to our long and decorated history.
CAMS rebrands to become Motorsport Australia in 2020 Photo by Ian Welsh High Performance Licence for 5th Category Frontal Head Restraints mandatory from 1st Jan 2020 Photo by Matt Talbot
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