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19 68 AMC AMX 390 - Imported at Great Expense, and Now to You! $79,375. 00 This exceedingly rare, left-hand drive AMX 390 c.i. V8, four speed manual with Hurst shier, was imported from New Jersey in late 2012 and has been comprehensively re-engineered and equipped with Motorsport Australia Historic Group S(b) racing in mind. Such eligibility work included replacement of aer-market rear disk brakes with a reversion to rear drums. Improvements include a major engine performance investment, revamped driveline, floang rear hubs, race tuned suspension and Yokohama race rubber, full flow exhaust, specialized instrumentaon, full safety array with lightweight Speed Technology race seang plus ERG 5-point harness and hydraulic handbrake. Engine development of the booming 6.4 litre pony car has been restricted to a level where this road registered car is sll pleasantly tractable for street use. Original seang included and car presents as would a standard road car. Runs with its standard power steering. Bodywork is totally rust free. Factory AMX build #05705, plate located on dashboard. Chassis # A8M397X337862, Engine # GR4428, Queensland Concessional Road Registraon # 68-AMX.
For inspecon, please contact John Carson on 0408 735 358.
1 9 7 4 ALFA ROMEO GTV 2000 - The Poor Man’s Ferrari $38,350.00 This Alfa 105 Series Group S(c) coupe was purchased in December 2007 from local Alfa Club member Paul Ross and has a known history. This Alfa GTV features the genuine and exceedingly rare 6x14 Cromodra wheels and runs a 4.5 rear diff ra o, this sought-a er ra o being available on the US sold 105 Series Alfa Romeo GTV Spider. Recent work includes a fresh engine, plus gearbox and clutch replacement with new A050 Yokohama tyres having done only one event. Southern tracks where the car has acquied itself well include Winton, Baskerville, Phillip Island, Sandown, Wakefield Park, Mount Panorama (FoSC 2009, 2010 and the Group S Liqui Moly support race of 2018) plus Oran Park and SMSP at Eastern Creek. Lap mes for all tracks are available on request. For anyone considering a return to road trim, spares include steel road wheels and tyres plus bumpers, original side and rear window glass, and most badging. The car’s exisng colour is a Jaguar BRG but having been a race car for over a decade and a half and receiving an occasional minor ‘love tap’ it could do with a tidy up and refinish. Chassis # AR 2413687, Queensland Concessional Registraon # S17118. For inspecon, please contact John Carson on 0408 735 358.
Engine overhaul performed In the late 1970s. 1990 engine was completely overhauled, again, and the underbody running gear brought back to spec. Addionally, the car was fied with a Laycock de Normanville overdrive (as per factory) plus a genuine steel hardtop In 1999 the car was Motorsport Australia Historic log booked, Group S(b). This Group S TR6 is a rare item having never had its mechanical or suspension speci fi cation altered from factory original (it still even runs lever arm rear shock absorbers!) with the only non-standard body work addi on being a Motorsport Australia registered ‘bolt-in’ roll hoop by Norm Singleton. Being ‘un-stressed’ this 50-year-old historic race car has only ever needed rou ne maintenance by either Greg Tunstall Mechanical, Cleveland and/or Norm Singleton of Samford. Body # 50802CP, Engine # CP 51494HE, Compliance Plate CP 51527, Queensland Concessional Registra on # PTQ-818. Please contact John Carson on 0408 735 358.
1 9 7 0 TRIUMPH TR6 - A Mechanically Standard Historic Noddy Car $29,975.00
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