Group Leaders Conference HRCC Group Leaders perform a vital roll in the organisation of race meetings, providing guidance, experience, and leadership in ensuring their various race group competitors are able to enjoy their sport in a safe and fair way. They provide a link between the requirements of race control and HRCC management and the competitors. As a voluntary role, and they are usually a competitor too, they give their time freely to provide an invaluable service to historic motorsport in Queensland. The HRCC management committee has an agenda of holding two Group Leader conferences each year and the first for 2021 was held on Saturday 6th Feb at the Corina Leagues Club. All of the race groups were represented with these topics covered on the night – A recently drafted Group Leader & Race Committee Objectives formalised policy was discussed and suggested changes to be referred back to the management committee for review. Motorsport Australia discussion - o As of January 2020, the Circuit Racing Standing Regulations requires every race car must have a 4.4kg dry powder fire extinguisher located in it’s pit area. Although coming into effect last year, the Covid situation meant that it did not get much attention. However, as motorsport is returning to the tracks again it will be followed up on. o Competition Licences are now online and available via a Motorsport Australia smartphone App. Hard copy licences will not be issued, except if specifically asked for. It appears that car log books will also be going the same way and available through the App. It was pointed out that any infringements will be noted through the App. o It was pointed out that Non-Attendance at a drivers briefing will incur a fine of $100 at a club event, $200 at a state championship event and $250 at a national round. Non Speed events will not incur a financial penalty but the infringement will be recorded. A request was made for a Paddock Marshal at the Autumn Historic Warwick & Historic Queensland race meetings. Group U reports interest in Historic Sports Sedans is rapidly rising Group A&C report that the Autumn Historic Warwick meeting will be the Qld round of their national competition Group N advise that the QHTCA 2021 championship will be decided over 4 rounds at Lakeside, Morgan Park and Qld Raceway. (see calendar on back page) Regularity requests a special drivers briefing to reinforce the starting procedure. Possibly even the use of a pace car for starts. The next conference to be held after the Autumn Historic Warwick race meeting but prior to the Historic Queensland race meeting. Please support your group leader in any way possible. In some cases, their partners too. They are looking after competitors interests and put in a tremendous effort in making our level of amateur motorsport as professional as possible. Thanks go to them.
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