HRCC 2021 AGM Report

HRCC has a new president

30 people attended the AGM where a report on the past 12 months activities was delivered by outgoing president Alan Steel as well as a financial year report delivered by treasurer, John Tupicoff. At the conclusion of the reports, the management committee was declared vacant and elections took place to fill the roles of the next management committee. Voting during the 2021 AGM process included online voting for the first time and was a success. The result of the elections were –

President – Graeme Wakefield

Vice President – Alan Steel

Secretary – Peter GilbertTreasurer – John Tupicoff

Membership Officer – Jim Goulden

Committee Member – Greg Dalliston

Committee Member – Peter Finnigan

There is still one management committee position vacant and nominations will be opened for members to nominate for the position.

Also, the resolution to accept the 2021 revision to the club constitution was was put to a vote and accepted by members.

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