Motorsport Australia - Return To Race
Since the begining of Covid-19 restrictions imposed by governments, Motorsport Australia has been working on strategies on how to get all levels of motorsport in Australia back racing again. On Monday 11th May they released the Return To Racing document which details the strategies being employed to enable racing. It provides information for promoters on what may be required to satisfy the authorities to permit a race event to be permitted under the relevant restrictions.
Then on Thursday 14th May, Motorsport Australia released a statement advising it is keeping up to date with the latest advice and guidelines from around the country. Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca said the organisation was firmly focused on maintaining regular dialogue with all levels of government. “We are doing everything we can to stay up to date with the latest restrictions and also provide state, territory and federal governments with as much information about the plans for our sport, including discussing our Return To Race strategy,” Arocca said. “Each state and territory is doing things differently and we are making sure that we are across those differences to determine what motorsport events we can sanction and how our event organisers and clubs can meet their required obligations for running any events in the future.
Coupled with that statement is a new Motorsport Australia resource web page which provides up to date information for Event Organisers, Competitors and also Officials. Information on what restrictions are in place for motorsport in each of the states and teritories is provided.