Awards Presentation Lunch
8th December, 2019 Easts Leagues Club, Coorparoo
From the 2018 Awards Presentation Dinner…….
Welcoming address  -
On behalf of Club President, Alan Steel, the Management Committee, and the Race Committee, thank you for coming tonight to join with friends and family to celebrate a great year of Historic Motorsport. In 2018, HRCC has run 5 big weekends of motorsport and many members have also competed at other events from Queensland to South Australia and Tasmania, and even at Le Mans. Our Try, Train & Test Day,  followed by the HRCC Supersprints set the tone.  Autumn Historic Warwick  was a successful and enjoyable race meeting which was followed by the Noosa Winter Hillclimb  in June. A huge effort on the part of a number of members saw our biggest ever Historic Queensland  to much acclaim.  November’s Noosa Summer Hillclimb  capped off another busy year. All this was done, as usual, with great support from volunteer Organisers, Helpers, Officials, Marshalls, Fire and Rescue, and co- operation from our two partnering clubs, Noosa Beach Classic Car Club and Warwick District Sporting Car Club.  We are also assisted by cooperation with QHTCA, HSRCA, VHRR, SCCSA, A7 Club, HSCCTas, GSRA, AHTCA, etc as well as generous support from sponsors, especially Shannons Insurance, Forbes Batteries and Bob Jane Toombul. Our Race Secretary Mark Stockwell, and Leisa, while paid for certain roles, go the extra mile to ensure the Club’s events are as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Our modern website is all the work of Ian Welsh, has now taken on the additional role of Newsletter editor. This year, the Club Champions can thank Len Don for his research and excellent spreadsheet skills for their pointscore results. There are others who know they’ve contributed and I hope are proud of their efforts. Especially pertinent, are the organisers of this evening’s event, Monica, Marie and Wendy, the ever busy behind the scenes John, and our illustrious MC, Mike. This is the time of year we can all say thankyou! Success is measured in many ways, from major Championships, Class championships, race wins and podiums, lap records, personal best lap times, beating your mate, keeping up with your mate, and just driving fast in a car you love.  When that’s an old car, that’s Historic Motorsport, and long may it prosper. We congratulate the Club Champions, and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year. Peter Walsh
Keith Carling 2018 HRCCClub Champion
Group   Description       2018 Champion   Group F   Historic Formula Ford       Lindsay Norris   Group K   Historic Racing & Sports Cars    Pre - 1940   Steve Anderson   Group L   Historic Racing & Sports Cars    Pre - 1961   Craig Carlson   Group M   Historic Racing & Sports Cars    1961 - 1965   John Barram   Group O   Historic Racing & Sports Cars    1966 - 1969   Peter Boel   Group Q   Historic Racing & Sports Cars    1970 - 1977   Mark Hulst   Group R   Historic Racing & Sports Cars    1978 - 1986   Keith Carling   Group Sa   Historic Production Sports Cars   1941 - 1961   Iain Nowell   Group Sb   Historic Production Sports Cars   1962 - 1969   Manuel Pena   Group Sc   Historic Production Sports Cars   1970 - 1977   Stephen Callaghan   Group T   Historic Production Sports Cars   History pre - 1982   Barry Campbell   Group U   Historic Sports Sedans   History pre - 1986   Garry Ford   Group V   Historic Racing Cars -   Formula Vee   1965 - 1985   David Dumolo   Group Nb   Historic Touring Cars   0 - 1300cc   Adam Duce   Group Nb   Historic Touring Cars   1301 - 1600cc   Noel Wicks   Group Nb   Historic Touring Cars   2 601 - 3000cc   Kev Moore   Group Nc   Historic Touring Cars   1101 - 1500cc   Jill Nelson   Group Nc   Historic Touring Cars   1501 - 2000cc   James Waugh   Group Nc   Historic Touring Cars   2001 - 3000cc   Matthew Clift   Group Nc   Historic Touring Cars   3001 - 3500cc   Ashley Heffernan   Group Nc   Historic Touring Cars   3501 - 5100cc   Grahame Wrobel   Group Nc   Historic Touring Cars   over 5100cc   Ian Mewett   Formula Libre   (Non - Historic Racing Cars)       Peter Gilbert       Non - Historic Sports Cars   up to 1600cc   Justin McCarthy       Non - Historic Sports Cars   over 1600cc   Clive Huebler       Non - Historic Touring Cars   up to 2000cc   Rodney Pugh       Non - Historic Touring Cars   over 2000cc   Ray Law   Regularity Trials         Ray Law   Ivan  Tighe Trophy  -   Production Sports Cars in Hill Climbs & Sprints   Stephen Callaghan   Don Thallon Cup  -   Group N       Noel Wicks   CLUB CHAMPION 2018       Keith Carling