Morris Mini Cooper S

Morris Mini Cooper S


History: Competition history from 1977, mainly raced Amaroo & Oran Parks.
Restoration: Completed to 1983 spec for COD purposes. Livery: Rapid Transport.
Mechanicals: 1380cc (new build by Ken Nelson) Russell Head, CAM. All the best components I could afford for reliability & performance.
Diff: MED LSD ratio 3.9:1.
Gearbox: Straight cut Remote Shift.
Paint: 2 pack fresh total respray (2020 – GC Restorations).
Wheels: Original set Mawer 13×8.5”, 10×8”, 13×8”.
Custom made Mawer 13×9”, 10×8”.
Tyres: Hoosier Radial Slicks front and rear, 2nd set Avon radial front.
Brakes: Morris Marina Callipers (front).
Morris Mini drums (rear).
Master Cyl Triumph Stag.
Way more than asking spent on the car as built to race not reluctantly sell.
Happy to answer any questions as the car has been a passion over 3 years of the research and build process.

Make & Model: Morris Mini Cooper S

Year: 1968

Race Group: Group U - Historic Sports Sedans​

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