Fire Extinguishers required for pit bays

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20th Jan 2021
Information for Competitors
Motorsport Australia
Circuit Race Standing Regulations


As of 1st Jan 2020, the Circuit Race Standing Regulations were amended to include the new Item
10.16 for Fire Extinguishers in Garages –10.16 – FIRE EXTINGUISHERS IN GARAGES
Each Competitor is required to provide, for each automobile entered, a minimum of one operable 4.5kg ABE powder fire extinguisher complying with Australian standard AS1841.5, on display at all times in the automobile’s pit lane garage or paddock area. It must be clearly marked with the automobile number and category (eg, FF 63) in writing not less than 50mm high.

What does this mean for HRCC competitors?

  • At every Motorsport Australia sanctioned Race Meeting, all cars competing in a racing event must have a 4.5kg ABE Dry Powder fire extinguisher (complying with AS1841.5) on display in their pit bay. This is a compulsory requirement
  • While it is not compulsory for Super Sprint and Regularity entrants, we highly recommend you to adopt the requirement
  • At Morgan Park Raceway it means you must have an extinguisher in your pit bay no matter whether your car is in a carport pit bay or an outside grassed area pit bay
  • Each extinguisher is to be identified with the car’s abbreviated race category and the Car’s number. For example – Grp A 29, Grp Nc 51, Grp Q 34, Grp U 63. Letters and numbers to be a minimum of 50mm high.
  • This requirement will not apply to the upcoming TTT and Super Sprints weekend but will be mandatory for the Autumn Historic Warwick race meeting in May and the Historic Queensland race meeting in July.
  • If you don’t have an extinguisher of this type available now, they are readily available. A quick Google search will list a number of sellers. Prices range from $50 upwards.
  • While this requirement was introduced in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic situation caused difficulty in communicating it to competitors.
  • Don’t spoil your race weekend, get onto it early.

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